-Duplass Brothers 2017

-Duplass Brothers 2017



songs of solomon vallelonga productions Sound design

ultra woman (short) Goodentertainment 5.1 edit/mix

blocks (short) American Film Institute 5.1 edit/mix

warpath panorama pictures 5.1 edit/mix

the haunting of la llorana Cineridge Entertainment 5.1 mix

the chosen (series) vid angel sound design

boo (short) cyclamen films 5.1 edit/mix

the big game (documentary) square deal films 5.1 edit/mix

Brett kavanaugh is ruining my sex life (short) explosive bolts films 5.1 edit/mix

The mummy rebirth Uncork’d entertainment 5.1 edit/mix


the dip run full lip entertainment 5.1 edit/mix

boy eats girl: a zombie love story (short) Gurfilms 5.1 edit/mix

the three bears and the perfect gift candy bar entertainment 5.1 edit/mix

token (short) Goodentertainment 5.1 edit/mix

lovely (short) Through films 5.1 edit/mix

paper friends dicque pic productions 5.1 edit/mix

cannnonball (short) mad rogue films 5.1 edit/mix

a boy’s fear (short) lagos pictures 5.1 edit/mix

the toll road (short) kids at play 5.1 edit/mix

hot dog (short) Baseline Productions 5.1 edit/mix

a hollow point (short) Movie magic & Entertainment 5.1 edit/mix

made in malta Galea pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix






Live GSX Entertainment Sound Design/5.1 Mix

Tales of Frankenstein Frontline Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Polar (short) Lagos Pictures Sound Design/Mix

Never Heard Webber Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Your Move G Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Sunset Society Cleopatra Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Not If, But When (SHORT) Electric Ant Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Jax in Love (short) Cyclamen Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

die Expats Dicque Pic Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Broken Minds (short) N4YE Productions Sound Design/Mix

Dead House (web series) King Bach Entertainment Sound Design/Mix

Beerfest KidsAtPlay Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Post Apocalyptic Potluck (short) Can I Watch Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Holy Terror Cinema Epoch 5.1 Mix

Hickok Status Media Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Get Your Life (web series) Divaworks Inc 5.1 Edit/Mix

Atone Sweet Unknown Studios 5.1 Edit/Mix

Pride (web series) Rehab Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

XXIII Boss (short) Hobson's Choice Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

ThreaDBare (web series) Little Monster Inc 5.1 Edit/Mix

Love to Paradise Galea Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Kill Kapone Overseas Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Dog Park Stepping Stone Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Jacob's Honor (short) Go For Freedom Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Casting (short) D.A.M. Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

American Violence Status Media Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Giants (web series) James Bland Films Edit/Mix

The Dissection of Jack & Jill (short) Sculptured Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Surviving Confession Heartpine Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Rainbow Time Ecstatic Sweat 5.1 Edit/Mix

Traded Status Media Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

The Early Inauguration (short) JFA Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Edgar Allan Poe's Lighthouse Keeper Thunderhead Entertainment 5.1 Mix

To Whom it May Concern...I Love You (short) Pretty or Not Entertainment Edit/Mix

Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance Cineridge Entertainment 5.1 Mix

The Wrong Roommate Hybrid Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Fragile Storm (short) Palm Street Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Face 2 Face Green Step Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Hunter Cineridge Entertainment 5.1 Mix

The Pinata Man (short) Oddbox Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Weaponized Status Media Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Down the Scale (short) Webstar Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Christmas Trade Brand Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

White Wedding (short) Webstar Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

For We Walk by Faith (short) The Cat in the Tie Edit/Mix

Sociopathia Napalm Love Productions 5.1 Mix/M&E

There is Many Like Us (documentary) Webstar Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

The Envelope (short) Chad Bolling Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

4Got10 Status Media Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

At Granny's House Vagabond Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Decommissioned Status Media Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

American Hikikomori (short) Hikikomori Productions Edit/Mix

White Water TVOne Foley Record and Edit

Big Baby Dream Factory Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Sorority Slaughterhouse Rapid Heart Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Little Loopers Brand Inc. Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Hot Caliber Media 5.1 Edit/Mix

3 Scream Queens Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

How to Beat A Bully Blairwood Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Ghost Squad Brand Inc. Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Manipura (short) Melody Terrace Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Zoey to the Max Brand Inc. Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Bigfoot vs. DB Cooper Interstar Entertainment Edit/Mix

In The Doghouse Dream Factory Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Doc Holliday's Revenge Hybrid Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

90210 Shark Attack Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

666 Kreepy Kerry Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

666 Devilish Charm Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

She's With Me Dream Factory Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Dude, Where's My Dog Dream Factory Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Club Dead Dream Factory Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Dusk (short) Shockmentari Cinema 5.1 Edit/Mix

3 Wicked Witches Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

After Midnight Retromedia Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

The Impaler Full Moon Films 5.1 Edit/Mix

Bonnie & Clyde: Justified Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

Hit Team Movie Magic & Entertainment ADR/5.1 Edit/Mix

My Stepbrother is a Vampire Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

Knock 'Em Dead Max Pix Inc. Edit/Mix

A Talking Pony Fun Family Features Edit/MIx

An Easter Bunny Puppy Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

Badass Showdown Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

A Talking Cat?! Fun Family Features Edit/Mix

Santa's Summer House Fun Family Features Edit/Mix

Blue Dream Cinema Epoch 5.1 Edit/Mix

Supply Side Jesus Free Mind Flix Edit/Mix

Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft Regent Entertainment Edit/Mix

Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

A Halloween Puppy Fun Family Features Edit/Mix

2: Voodoo Academy Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Frankenqueen Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Night of the Widow Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Hercules Unbound! Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

Dracula Reborn Automatic Media 5.1 Edit/Mix

Recalculating (short) Triple Dime Productions Edit/Mix

1313 UFO Invasion Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Billy the Kid Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Bermuda Triangle Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Bigfoot Island Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

Snow White: A Deadly Summer Regent Entertainment Edit/Mix

1313 Cougar Cult Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

Return of the Killer Shrews Coal Train Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Primitive Thunderhead Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Silver Case Satyricon Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

1313 Boy Crazies Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Actor Slash Model Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Wicked Stepbrother Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

1313 Haunted Frat Rapid Heart Pictures Edit/Mix

Violent Blue Cinema Epoch 5.1 Edit/Mix

Playback Cinema Epoch 5.1 Edit/Mix

Christmas Spirit Max Pix Inc. 5.1 Edit/Mix

Giant Killer Bees Max Pix Inc. 5.1 Edit/Mix

Stan: the Movie (short) Standard 17 Mix/M&E

Knifepoint The Melon Farm Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Body Blow Rapid Heart Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Nightmare Mansion Rapid Heart Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Nightfall Regent Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Alien Presence Regent Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Stem Cell Regent Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Spoils of War Automatic Media 5.1 Edit/Mix

Brotherhood 6: Initiation Rapid Heart Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Pit and the Pendulum Regent Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Brotherhood 5 Rapid Heart Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

The Invisible Chronicles Regent Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Playing With Fire Regent Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Blood Scarab Frontline Entertainment 5.1 Mix/M&E

House of Usher Rapid Heart Pictures 5.1 Mix/M&E

November Son B+Boy Productions Supervise/Mix

Paradise Lost Fencesitter Films 5.1 Mix/M&E

Primal Automatic Media 5.1 Mix/M&E

Cold Heart Canyon Maverick Entertainment Supervise/Mix

The Lair Here! TV 5.1 Mix/M&E

Until the Night Pathfinder Pictures 5.1 Mix

Xtracurricular Whoopass Entertainment Mix/M&E

Slammed Creative Light Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

The Sisterhood Regent Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Girls Guide to Depravity (short) GGD Pictures Supervise/Mix

Johnny Morran JMCI Entertainment Supervise/Mix

The Hillz Image Entertainment Supervise/Mix

William Shatner's Full Moon Frightfest Full Moon Pictures Supervise/Mix

Jigsaw Shadow Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Ozone Tempe Entertainment Rebuild/Remix in 5.1 Surround

Deathbed Darkwave Productions 5.1 Edit/Mix

Deadly Species Creative Light Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Shadow Fury Pathfinder Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Awaken the Dead Silverstorm Productions ADR/Mix

The Mummy's Kiss 2 Frontline Entertainment 5.1 Edit & Mix

Doomed Automatic Media 5.1 Edit & Mix

Mad Cowgirl Epoch Entertainment 5.1 Mix/M&E

October Moon B+Boy Productions Supervise/Mix

The Stink of Flesh Tempe Entertainment 5.1 Mix

Under the Gun Three Bean Productions M&E

Dead Next Door Tempe Entertainment 5.1 Mix

Left (short) Lifting As We Climb Productions Supervise/ADR/Mix

The Sandman Tempe Entertainment Build/5.1 Mix

The Naked Monster Heidelberg Films Editing/Mix

Way off Broadway Singers (short) 48 Hour Film Challenge Edit/Mix

Polymorph Tempe Entertainment Rebuild/Remix in 5.1

King of the Ants Asylum Entertainment 5.1 Mix

Witches of the Caribbean Regent Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Cryptz Big City Pictures 5.1 Edit/Mix

Trancers 6 Shadow Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Bloodletting Tempe Entertainment Rebuild/Remix in 5.1 Surround

Bleed Shadow Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Camp Utopia Texas Trouble Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Deadly Stingers Shadow Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Shop Club (short) SC Productions Supervise/Mix

Killjoy 2 Shadow Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Hell Asylum Darkwave Productions Supervise/Mix

Dead & Rotting Shadow Entertainment 5.1 Edit/Mix

Witchouse 3 Full Moon Pictures Supervise/FX

Young Warlocks: Brotherhood 2 Regent Films Supervise/Mix

The Frightening Spartan Home Entertainment Supervise/Mix

Premutos EI Independent Cinema ADR/Mix

Zombie Doom EI Independent Cinema ADR/Mix

Blackmail Neutech Entertainment ADR/Mix

Shusaku Neutech Entertainment ADR/Mix

The Vault Big City Pictures FX

The Hunt for Amazing Treasure Andrew Solt Productions FX/Mix/ADR

Things That Go Bump Andrew Solt Productions FX/Mix/ADR

Skinned Alive Tempe Entertainment FX

Final Stab Regent Films Supervise/Mix

Demonicus Full Moon Pictures Supervise/Mix

Long Time Since Creative Light Entertainment FX

The Brotherhood Regent Films FX

The Boy with the X Ray Eyes Kushner/Lock Company FX

Double Deception Pathfinder Pictures FX

Horrorvision Tempe Entertainment FX

The Horrible Dr. Bones Alchemy Entertainment FX

Voodoo Academy Full Moon Entertainment FX

Ancient Evil Spartan Home Entertainment FX

Sideshow Full Moon Pictures FX

Stitches Full Moon Pictures FX

The Dead Hate the Living Full Moon Pictures FX

Witchouse 2 Full Moon Pictures FX

Teen Task Force Kushner/Locke Company FX

St. Francisville Experiment Trimark Pictures FX

Alien Arsenal Action Extreme Films FX

Totem Full Moon Pictures FX

The Killer Eye Tanna Productions FX