Whether YOU'RE SEEKING a fullY-FILLED SURROUND mix, AN M&E FOR FOREIGN DISTRIBUTION, or SIMPLY a TRAILER voice-over, we are the independent producer's best choice for post sound. WITH over 18 years DESIGNING SOUND for hundreds of productions LARGE AND SMALL, WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR PROJECT TO LIFE.




Sound Design

5.1 Pro Tools based mixing

5.1 Pro Tools based mixing

With AN EXPANSIVE collection of CUTTING EDGE sound effects libraries AND A CREW OF DEDICATED, FLEXIBLE editors, foley artists and mixers, Ear Candy produces TOP NOTCH, creativeLY UNIQUE mixes that will HELP YOUR FILM STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE ACHIEVE THE SOUND YOU SEEK.


Sound proof ADR BOOTH

Sound proof ADR BOOTH

Services include foley & ADR recording, fully-filled M&E track creation, and stereo or 5.1 surround mixes - as well as all other post audio editing needs, using powerful ProTools 12 HDX WORKSTATIONS and LEGENDARY Mackie HR824 speakers.


Fully stocked foley stage

Fully stocked foley stage

We are your one-stop shop for all things post sound. From the biggest budget to the smallest, give us a call and we'd love TO SOLVE YOUR EMERGENCY AUDIO PROBLEM OR TAKE YOUR FILM TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH THE PROFESSIONAL BANG IT DESERVES. Our reasonable rates will be like sweet, sweet candy to your ears!!!


“Working with Maui and the Ear Candy Sound team was such a pleasure. As first time filmmakers we were referred to Ear Candy by a fellow creator with a glowing endorsement. Maui walked us through all the things we needed for our film and worked seamlessly with our editor and music supervisor. Once our film received its distribution deal from Amazon Studios, Maui continued to work on our film, getting all of the deliverables over to them. He worked above and beyond our contract terms. Can’t wait to work with him and the team on our next feature!”

—Marti Hines -partner, D Pic Productions

"when it comes to post production sound, Ear Candy is my number one recommendation for all indie filmmakers. Maui provides top notch professionalism at competitive rates, working tirelessly and efficiently to ensure that you get the best sound possible. I've seriously witnessed these guys not sleep for two days to meet a sxsw deadline. It was so above and beyond anything i've seen. They're a hidden gem!"

-Ian michaels, producer, green step productions, rainbow time, friended to death, face 2 face, unlovable


"I've been hiring Ear Candy Sound's Maui Holcomb exclusively as my sound designer for the past 16 years on over 50+ feature films. Maui is very creative, fast, with absolutely NO international M&E issues when delivering to foreign territories. Ear Candy Sound is the best little sound house in the business."

-David DeCoteau, Veteran Producer/Director 100 feature  films in 35 years-



"Maui is great! I had the opportunity to work with him on my film Nocturne. He's talented, responsive, and always has a great alternative when things aren't working like expected. He's detail oriented and committed to making the best sound possible. he was a huge help on my film."

-Marcus peace cox, through films, llc

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"Since I began my career, fellow directors in the business always warned me about the sound on a finished feature. "Make it good," they'd say. "Better than good. Make it great. Blow them away. It's an opportunity to make sure your film will stand apart from all the others." All well and good, but how do you find a sound designer who "gets" your film from a creative standpoint, someone who will enhance your vision rather than simply cover it with a bucket of audio paint? That's what they do at Ear Candy Sound. They collaborate. In the trenches with you. They let you play, tweak, play some more. Experiment. And ultimately create a mix - your mix - that sounds expensive, exciting and spectacular."

-Steve Latshaw, Director, Return of the Killer Shrews


"Ear Candy Sound is living proof that you don't need costly overhead and a fleet of sound engineers to get a heart-pounding, kick-ass mix. They have breathed new life into our old films with their extensive 5.1 surround remixes...if I had a million bucks to spend I'd still entrust my work to these guys... the Skywalker Sound of low-budget cinema!"

-J.R. Bookwalter Producer/Director, The Dead Next Door





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